Day 1: Introduction to Full Stack Development

  • Overview of Full Stack Architecture
  • Importance of Full Stack Developers
  • Basic Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Day 2: Frontend Fundamentals

  • Deep Dive into HTML5 & CSS3
  • Introduction to Responsive Design
  • Essential JavaScript Concepts

Day 3: Frontend Frameworks

  • Introduction to Frontend Frameworks (e.g., React, Angular, Vue)
  • Building Interactive UI Components
  • Styling and Theming with CSS-in-JS

Day 4: Backend Basics

  • Introduction to Server-side Programming
  • Backend Technologies: Node.js, Express
  • Handling HTTP Requests and Responses

Day 5: Database Fundamentals

  • Understanding Databases (SQL vs NoSQL)
  • CRUD Operations with MongoDB
  • Integration with Node.js Backend

Day 6: RESTful APIs

  • Designing RESTful APIs
  • Implementing Endpoints in Express
  • Testing APIs using Postman

Day 7: Version Control with Git

  • Git Basics and Version Control
  • Collaborative Development with GitHub
  • Branching and Merging Strategies

Day 8: Deployment Strategies

  • Introduction to Deployment
  • Heroku and Cloud Platforms
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD)

Day 9: Frontend Performance Optimization

  • Techniques for Improving Page Load Speed
  • Image Optimization and Lazy Loading
  • Code Splitting for Efficient Loading

Day 10: Backend Security Measures

  • Handling User Authentication
  • Securing API Endpoints
  • Best Practices for Web Security

Day 11: Websockets and Real-time Communication

  • Introduction to Websockets
  • Building Real-time Features
  • Implementing Chat Applications

Day 12: Testing in Full Stack Development

  • Importance of Testing in Software Development
  • Unit Testing and Integration Testing
  • End-to-End Testing with tools like Jest and Cypress

Day 13: Frontend State Management

  • State Management Libraries (Redux, Context API)
  • Managing Global State in React
  • Data Flow in Frontend Applications

Day 14: GraphQL Basics

  • Introduction to GraphQL
  • Setting up GraphQL Server
  • Querying and Mutations in GraphQL

Day 15: Docker and Containerization

  • Understanding Containers and Docker
  • Dockerizing Full Stack Applications
  • Container Orchestration with Docker Compose

Day 16: Microservices Architecture

  • Overview of Microservices
  • Designing Microservices
  • Communication between Microservices

Day 17: DevOps Practices

  • Collaborative Development with DevOps
  • Monitoring and Logging
  • Incident Response and Recovery

Day 18: Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

  • Introduction to PWAs
  • Building Offline-First Applications
  • Service Workers and Caching Strategies

Day 19: Mobile App Development

  • Options for Mobile Development (React Native, Flutter)
  • Building a Mobile App Interface
  • Integrating Mobile App with Backend

Day 20: Full Stack Project – Part 1

  • Project Kickoff and Planning
  • Setting up Project Structure
  • Implementing Core Features

Day 21: Full Stack Project – Part 2

  • Database Integration and Management
  • User Authentication and Authorization
  • Implementing Additional Features

Day 22: Full Stack Project – Part 3

  • Testing and Debugging
  • Performance Optimization
  • Deployment and Hosting

Day 23: Full Stack Project – Part 4

  • Finalizing the Project
  • Code Review and Refactoring
  • Project Documentation

Day 24: Industry Best Practices

  • Code Reviews and Collaboration
  • Documentation Standards
  • Keeping Up with Industry Trends

Day 25: Soft Skills for Full Stack Developers

  • Effective Communication
  • Problem-solving Skills
  • Time Management and Productivity

Day 26: Job Preparation and Interview Tips

  • Building a Strong Portfolio
  • Resume Writing for Full Stack Roles
  • Preparing for Technical Interviews

Day 27: Career Guidance and Networking

  • Navigating the Job Market
  • Leveraging LinkedIn and Other Platforms
  • Building a Professional Network

Day 28: Graduation and Future Steps

  • Showcase of Completed Projects
  • Q&A Session and Feedback
  • Next Steps in Full Stack Development Journey


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